‘It’s like having a Day Spa for your brain!’


Stories of Distinction & Genius
with your host, Motivational Comedian
Chris Grimes

Welcome to ‘The Clearing’, or 'serious happy place' of my Guests’ choosing, where you can hear remarkable and valuable life & business stories to inform, inspire and entertain.

Do you too have a story of Distinction or Genius to share? Fancy being given a Good Listening To? Then scroll on down!

Chris Grimes - Podcast Host

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What's it all about?

It's the podcast with the squirrels and the tree from Motivational Comedian Chris Grimes!

Think 'Desert Island Discs' but in a ‘Clearing’ and with Stories rather than Music.

Who are my guests?

In 'The Good Listening To Show' I invite movers & makers, shakers & mavericks, influencers & also personal heroes from the worlds of Arts & Entertainment, Business & Popular Culture into a ‘Clearing’ or ‘serious happy place’ of their choosing to all share with us their remarkable stories of ‘Distinction and Genius’.


The Good Listening To Show is also broadcast on Chris’s weekly programme on UK Health Radio, which has an audience reach of nearly 2 million listeners across 54 countries. This means that your episode will not only be heard by listeners at home, but also by a wide-ranging international audience abroad. This helps you to raise your profile, boost your brand and grow sales. In addition, all episodes are recorded as either Facebook or LinkedIn LIVES, automatically connecting you with host Chris’s extensive social media network as he records.

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More About the show...

In the series that cuts through the noise of other podcasts, Chris invites his guests to share their life and career journeys to reveal intriguing insights, invaluable tips and advice, and heartwarming anecdotes.

Chris’s guests are guided by a unique and engaging format involving rich storytelling metaphors such as a Tree, a juicy exercise called '5-4-3-2-1', some Alchemy, a bar of Gold, a couple of random Squirrels, a cheeky bit of Shakespeare and a Cake! So, it's all to play for!

Plus, his guests all get to ‘pass along the Golden Baton’ to a NEXT guest of their choosing, to keep the golden thread of the story trail going.

You too can join Chris’s ‘Genius Club’ by becoming his guest. Just choose from one of the show’s different strands, Brand Strand/Founder Stories, Good Books, Corporate, Festival & Theatre Shows, Leadership Reflections and Legacy: Life Reflections, listed below.

The Show To Help You Grow Sticker

A WARM Welcome from Chris

Series Strands...

Alchemy Icon

Brand Strand / Founder Stories

Would you like to showcase your Brand? Are you a Business Owner, Founder or Brand Director? An SME, Marketing Head or Creative Director?

Want to showcase your Brand and business story to a global audience in 54 countries via my weekly radio show? Explain your company or Personal Brand story (& receive your own master recording)?

My 'Brand Strand/Founder Stories' series has a strong and established storytelling format to encourage guests to amplify their brand with an audience of 2 million people. For a small investment, the show offers you a great opportunity to promote your business, grow your brand and boost sales.

Our conversation will help you to:

  • share your Brand story with stakeholders, board members, in-house teams, at your AGM
  • also use it to attract new clients and investors to win sales and raise your profile
  • promote your Personal or Business Brand to secure growth and increase profits

Leadership Reflections

Are you a Leader, CEO, MD, Divisional Head, Entrepreneur, Business Owner or SME Founder?

Does being ‘time-poor’ leave you struggling to communicate? Do you want to share your Leadership experience to benefit colleagues? Or wish you had more time to get your key messages across?

This is your opportunity to tell your story in a way that’s more human and authentic, and less transactional than a scripted, in-house corporate message.

Safe in my hands, you’ll create a memorable and valuable recording you can use all year as you:

  • share your podcast with stakeholders, board members, in-house teams, at your AGM
  • talk about your Leadership style, lessons you’ve learned and your future plans
  • bid a fond farewell to colleagues as you retire, or greet staff as you start a new senior role
  • inspire the next generation of Leaders by sharing some of your wisdom and experience

This is a high-value, low-cost and time-effective solution: a rare opportunity to share your reflections on leadership with internal or external audiences, or both.

Geese Flying In V Formation
Open Book Icon

Good Books

Are you an Author, Novelist, Biographer, Poet, Composer or Playwright? A Publisher, Agent or Festival Director?

Are you keen to share your new book or work with as wide an audience as possible? Promoters, are you looking to boost your marketing campaign and generate sales?

This is a high-value, low-cost opportunity to get into Chris Grimes’s Good Books and give nearly 2 million people in 54 countries the chance to ‘Read all about it’. You’ll share the story of your new book / play / film / musical work / scientific research paper / nail-biting drama as you talk about your inspirations, sources, unsung contributors & supporters. PLUS, to promote it, you'll get to perform or read an extract of your choice.

Actor & broadcaster Chris is an award-winning filmmaker & writer of scripts & comedy sketches, so you’ll be ‘amongst friends’ when creating this recording to:

  • reach new audiences promoting your work UK and worldwide
  • promote yourself & your career to attract new audiences & inspire others
  • state clearly how & where people can buy your new publication

Legacy: Life Reflections

To capture the Life Story of someone near or dear to you for posterity.

Want to create an enduring memory for your family to remember you by? Is there someone special whose inspiring life you’d like to preserve for eternity?

Now there’s an easy way to capture & share such Golden Moments. My Private Podcast series gives guests their unique ‘moment in the sunshine’ so listeners can enjoy the highlights of a person’s life.

As extra 2-for-1 value, podcasts are filmed, giving guests both an audio & video recording.

An artist will take weeks to paint your portrait. Penning your autobiography, a ghost-writer will ask you questions for months. Both cost thousands, but the modest fee attached to your podcast episode won’t and allows you to:

  • share a warm conversation, reminisce with favourite anecdotes and create a recording to be enjoyed now and/or stored for future generations
  • give the interview as a birthday or Christmas gift to someone special
  • ensure the treasured memories, wisdom and experience of an elderly relative will live on
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Theatre With Live Audience Icon

Corporate, Festival & Theatre Shows

Are you a company Events Manager or HR Director? A fundraiser, venue owner or festival organiser? A theatre programmer or director?

If you would like to host a client event with a difference, The Good Listening To Show is also available as a LIVE Theatre or Events Show, with simultaneous streaming to Facebook & YouTube or to a social media channel of your choice.

The performance is a fully designed stage show with Chris Grimes as your host and presenter. It gives you the opportunity to invite an audience of your choice to a live, recorded and filmed episode of the podcast.

For corporates, guests to the show can be stakeholders or clients. For festivals, an invited audience to hear about an author’s new book. For theatres, to discover the ‘story behind the story’ of a particular show or can be offered as a fundraising event.

The show has already been staged in corporate, festival and theatre settings. There is a very small fee just to cover production costs. If you would like to discuss your particular requirements, please get in touch for a confidential conversation.

Chris Grimes Coaching

About Chris Grimes

Motivational Comedian. Facilitator. Coach. Broadcaster.

‘The Good Listening To Show’ podcast host Chris Grimes has spent the past 25 years globetrotting, gaining a wealth of international experience as a much sought-after Executive Coach, helping business leaders and their teams at some of the world's biggest blue-chip companies to communicate better, at work and in life. From Bristol to Bangkok, Newcastle to New York and from Manchester to Milan, he has worked in 20 countries across Europe, Africa and the Middle East, supporting over 3,000 professionals, improving their personal impact, presence, presentation techniques and storytelling skills.

Chris’s natural talent for bringing out the best in people flourished at drama school, then as an actor, comedy improvisation performer and, later, as a drama teacher and Artistic Director with the acclaimed comedy improvisation company, Instant Wit. His idol is Stan Laurel, of comic duo Laurel and Hardy fame – the inspiration perhaps for Chris’s very own quirky, warm sense of humour.

Transferring his business communication skills and stage experience to the recording studio, Chris is constantly surprised and delighted by the illuminating ‘Stories of Distinction and Genius’ his podcast guests feel able to share. Their rich life experiences and valuable business anecdotes are also broadcast on UK Health Radio where the podcast airs on Chris’s weekly show, reaching a further 1.3 million listeners in 54 countries.

Chris coaches many top blue-chip companies:

Archive of Gold

Previous guests of Distinction & Genius who have featured on the show...

Genius Club Membership

Gold Bars Icon

If you’d like to become a member of The Genius Club and apply to appear on the show, all you need to do is select the Series Strand of your choice and get in touch.

Chris will then get back to you to discuss arrangements for you becoming his guest.

Once you have been interviewed on the show yourself, you become a Genius Club Member and are then eligible to nominate others by passing on the ‘Golden Baton’, as featured within the podcast’s story structure.

Chris Holding A Golden Baton

Featured Genius: Gold From The Archive

Check out the latest podcast

Latest Podcast Cover
Carolina Klint - Leadership Reflections

How was that for you?

It's very nice talking about yourself! I wasn't feeling very well when we started but I feel much better now! Thank you Chris, you've taken your passion & made it happen. Congratulations to you!

– Robert Hands

'It's been a lovely opportunity to share some moments in life and reflect. It's been wonderful.'

– Chris Pirie
Artistic director & puppeteer

You’re a superstar for eliciting stories that matter. Love it!

– Sean Perlmutter
Partner at Pivotal Twist

'I did lots of US promos, radio and TV, also Sky News. Without doubt, the best interview I've had.'

– Malcolm Stern
Psychologist and author of three books

Very enjoyable. Love the format! It's a very good one I think for Authors with plenty of opportunity & flexibility but with a really interesting structure. Very interesting to do, I liked it a lot!

– Cathy Rentzenbrink
Acclaimed Author & Memoirist

'I felt comfortable. Chris really 'gets it' straightaway, he really understands. Chris really is listening, not just hosting! Chris gives you the reassurance that he has absolutely understood.'

– Hannah Fitt
Charity director, life coach & speaker

I wan't very good at this when I first left the BBC Breakfast sofa because I like asking the questions! So it feels scary but that was really enjoyable! I revealed stuff about myself that I've not said before, so well done you! I agree with Michael Rosen, this is a great way for Authors to talk about their books.

– Louise Minchin
Broadcaster, Author & Endurance Athlete

'That felt amazing, it was great! It was like scouring out a pot and finding bits that I haven't talked about before!'

– Michael Rosen
Children's Author & Poet

'The structure of the whole podcast is brilliant. It's great to have positive flow but it goes too quickly. It's a lovely opportunity to share with other people what you think about things.'

– Vic Llewelyn
Theatre-maker, writer & actor

'I wondered about it beforehand and I have had plenty of room. I think it worked really well.'

– Mac Macartney
International speaker, writer & change-maker

It was fantastic. Your way of curating your Show is wonderful. There is a plethora of podcasts and I've definitely not done or experienced one like this. The structure and the way you guide it is lovely. The 'Clearing' is a wonderful place to come to. Thank you!

– Garry Pratt
Author, Founder & Mountain Leader

'It's lovely to be listened to. Who wouldn't want to be listened to? It was enormous fun and great to talk to you.'

– Michael Fenton Stevens
'Only Fools and Horses' actor & comedian

'This has been such fun and a real delight. So proud to have the sign language included.'

– Josette Bushell-Mingo OBE
Principal & CEO of The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

'It's always a pleasure to talk about yourself and take stock a bit. 'The Clearing' is a great metaphor.'

– Pete Bailie
Leadership coach

'It was quite nice having a route map. Chris's questions made me jump a little outside my normal responses.'

– Ben Dunwell
Novelist & operatic librettist

'Chris asks good questions and I felt safe and comfortable and was very happy to carry on as long as Chris wanted me to. Extremely enjoyable.'

– Keith Warmington
BBC broadcaster, musician & voiceover artist

'It tickled my brain. And now for some cake and a lie-down!'

– Roger McGough CBE
Poet and playwright

'There's something quite freeing about telling people who you are.'

– Angie Belcher
Comedy teacher & stand-up

'I learnt something about me!'

– Seamus Lyte
Hollywood agent

'I was a bit nervous at first, but it's been enjoyable. It's just a bit of a chat, isn't it? It's been lovely. It's surprisingly enjoyable and I would recommend doing it.'

– Laurens Nockels
TV, film & events propmaker

'A brilliant podcast interview structure. Chris is warm and generous and made it effortlessly easy for me to tell the story behind my new book.'

– Colin Hunter
Leadership In Business author

It was cool, really cool! I don't normally think in those kind of structured ways and I'm glad that I did! Thinking about things and have they have fitted in over the last few years has been great!

– Gareth Dauncey
Architect & Founder of the Mood App

'It was very enjoyable. I liked the structure very much. I congratulate you, Chris. You do it with such charm. It was really good fun.'

– Kim Hicks
Actress & narrator

What I love about your show in this dark depressing world at the moment, is that you have created a beautiful oasis of kindness and positivity. I think you've got spun Gold here. Congratulations to you and your team, it's a beautiful, beautiful life-affirming 45-50 minutes. Thank you!

– Brendan O'Hea
Actor, Director & Author of "Shakespeare: The Man Who Pays The Rent", co-written with Dame Judi Dench

I loved it, you were a firm guiding hand - it was great, thank you!

– Rosie Holt
Comedian, Satirist & Twitter Sensation

'Chatting through things I'm passionate about was a lot of fun and laidback. I had a real hoot!'

– Tweedy the Clown

'It's not often you get to talk to somebody for an hour about yourself and they listen attentively. It's a strange, but lovely, feeling. It felt quite self-indulgent to be given a good listening to.'

– Matt Georges
Environmental economist

'Definitely do listen to Chris because you are going to find out things you wouldn't discover anywhere else. I felt better for it.'

– Ross King MBE
ITV Hollywood correspondent, TV presenter & author

'Ultimately, all we have are our stories. If no one hears them, did we ever exist?! What you're doing offers an amazing opportunity. It's totally inspired.'

– Cate Russell
Former Health sector CEO

'I really loved the process. I'd like to do it again in five years and see how much has changed. It was great spending time thinking about me.'

– Shauna Macdonald
'Queen of Scream' horror film actress & Scottish youth theatre director

'I liked it very much. I do talk too much and it's nice to verbalise your thoughts, also having the time to do it. To think about things in depth is cathartic. I enjoyed it immensely.'

– Peter Duncan
Former Blue Peter presenter, actor & pantomime dame

It was very pleasant, enjoyable and flattering. You asked me to pause, get off the treadmill & think about MY life and the people around me who affect me and whom I affect. Really nice!

– Mychael Owen
Captain Brand

'You sent my mind down some very interesting avenues. I got an overview of my life which gave me a perspective shift. You are so receptive and affable and easy to talk to. It's been a pleasure.'

– Toby Thompson
Performance poet

It was fun and it was different or sure. It makes you think a lot more about where your life has gone & what you believe in, so definitely not your standard. Enjoyed it!

– Lesley Paterson: The Scottish Rocket
Scottish Triathlete turned 4 x OSCAR Winner for "All Quiet on the Western Front"

'It was fantastic and very interesting. Because I didn't quite know what I was going to answer it was good. What a joy it has been, Chris, to be with a fellow Bristol Old Vic Theatre School boy and to chat for an hour. I really enjoyed it. Thank you very much indeed!'

– Christopher Biggins
King of Panto & winner of TV's 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here'

'It's been great.'

– Thomas Johnson
Musician & theatrical composer

'Chris places his subjects in a heightened metaphorical landscape where the stories can flow. His approach is eccentric and playful, teasing connections and prompting new insights.'

– Tim Crouch
Playwright, director & theatre-maker

'It's phenomenal and amazing. You are very skilled. It's very subtle and delicate, it's been a really good experience, enjoyable and nourishing.'

– Dr Anna Farthing
Theatre director & curator

'I just love chatting with Chris. He makes it so easy. It's great to think through the things that have shaped you and inspired you. Loved that. Also, Chris had cake! You can't go wrong there.'

– Rev. Olivia Coles

'It's a great concept which actually makes you have to think.'

– Tom Seals
Jazz pianist

'It surprised me.'

– Richard Ryan
TV & Hollywood film stunt / fight coordinator

'It's nice to be able to reach a broader audience and to talk to many more people though Chris.'

– Rolfe Oostra
Mountaineer & expedition leader

'It's inspirational to learn about those light bulb moments that change everything in your life.'

– Janey Lee Grace
Broadcaster & sobriety coach

'It was quite emotional actually, reflecting on the things that have shaped me or that are important to me. I promised myself I wouldn't blub. Really wonderful.'

– Saikat Ahamed
Bangladeshi actor & writer

'The form [of the show] is light-hearted. It's a nice way to plumb the depths of the guest and I really appreciated it and enjoyed it.'

– Gordon Buchanan MBE
Scottish wildlife filmmaker and presenter

'Being a guest on Chris's podcast is like having a day spa for your brain.'

– Wendy Bagger
US trainer

'Chris approaches the interview in a unique and individual way so it's been great. Normally I sit down, people ask me questions and I reel off the answers, but Chris made me think.'

– Madeleine Black
Glasgow-based author and public speaker

It was wonderful, I loved it! Like one of those talking things you put on in a car on a long drive and it keeps on inspiring you! Fantastic!

– Eddie Marsan
Actor & Humanist

'Chris kept me on my toes and I had to make sure I'd prepared for it. I hadn't ever been on a podcast with such an interesting set of questions. I loved it. Well done!'

– David Hieatt
Serial entrepreneur and Founder of Hiut Denim & The DO Lectures

'It's very clever the way Chris gets people to think about their answers in a slightly more imaginative way. He gave me the opportunity to say whatever I wanted to. It's been really fun.'

– Cal McCrystal
Irish theatre director and actor

'Chris is very good at giving space to guests and very actively listening. Yes, it was lovely to nice to think about what shaped you. I had a very nice time.'

– Peter Clifford
Actor, magician & magic adviser to David Blaine

It was absolutely perfect! You made me feel so at ease and handled all of that with grace & aplomb. Happy to say that the investment was well worth it. I loved it, loved all of it!

– Simon Bergenroth
Career Progression Coach

'I found it an absolute delight. You are more than welcome to ferret around in my subconscious any time you like.'

– Dr Phil Hammond
Physician, broadcaster & comedian

'You managed me quite well. Huge fun. You are great at doing this. You are really good.'

– Jenny Stephens
Freelance writer & theatre director

Thank you! It was absolute delight. Scary at first and then like I was being sherpered in the nicest, most pleasant way! And you made me think about things that are very good & important to think about.

– Brittlestar
Canadian Viral Sensation & the Internets Favourite Dad

Your podcast is 'Theatre for the Mind'. I congratulate you sir!

– Henry Caplan
Facilitator, Actor & Coach

'Your extraordinary podcast format brought looking back on my life a unique focus. My children loved it and so did I.'

– Reg Starkey
Former UK advertising executive

It was great! Because the metaphors are so broad you really open up lots of doors and rabbit holes that have been really interesting & inspiring to go down!

– Joanne Howarth
Actress, Globe Theatre Practitioner & Self-Confessed Shakespeare Geek!

'This is perfect for family and anyone who's interested. I enjoyed sharing my emotions and life events that were important to me. I did this for my children and anyone else who's interested.'

– Peter Curtiss
Retired financier who lived in 30 countries

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